New Class! Feminine Spiritual Leadership - February 17, 2018
You are an extraordinary woman; smart, intuitive and gifted. You know you're supposed to be doing something more or in a bigger way. You're being called to really step up, as a woman, a leader, perhaps a business professional or a healer. And it isn't always easy. It isn't for the hobbyist. But you've tried ignoring the calling inside, and that hasn't worked so well either, has it?

Become an emerging kind of woman who leads and inspires from her feminine presence!

Imagine being able to:
  • Attract the kind of attention you want, the moment you walk into a room
  • Attract the clients or business you want
  • Feel your energetic healing skills jump with more presence and confidence
  • Get more things done with more ease

Feminine Spiritual Leadership - February 2017 (Sold Out)

The Art of Feminine Presence - February 2017(Sold Out)
Stop pushing and start attracting! Join the new emerging healers and leaders
5 week class series
Saturday, February 4 - March 4, 2017  10:00am - 12:00pm
760 Old Roswell Rd., Roswell GA 30076